These miracles appeared a new and wonderful way. I worked in an office that had a bio-resistance device. I talked to friends and told them that I have a device that scans in the office. I didn’t scan myself because I didn’t think I needed to. But at the time I did, God prepared a very big surprise for me. I saw some things that happened during the magnetic resonance scan, but not any magnetic  resonance, only with this type of device. What happened then in the office?

When I started scanning I started to see some miracles and for me it was amazing what I saw because there were things I only saw when I worked as a bio-energetic therapist. Whether we know it or not, whether we see it or not, it is important to know the following information because it happens anyway. The things I saw was that during the scan, during them it started to open all the chakras, one by one, the fields opened, the aura grew, and angels came down.

 So it’s not just what we think we’re doing. The device is an extension of ours. .It depends on how we work to the same extent we can help people. Even if we have a medical device and a laptop in front of us, it is more than that. And to follow the topics I chose, what are the basic conditions for a therapist? First of all, it is about you, as people, as therapists. Either you have an activity to earn extra money, or you have already realized that you are light workers.

This medical device performs light surgery.  You are not just pressing buttons and balancing things out. It’s more than that. It is very important that before you start this activity it is important to change to a certain attitude about this activity. So there is the possibility to climb to another level as therapists. It is important to strike a balance. Have a healthy lifestyle.

Have a balanced diet. Hydrate well. Get moving. Start a routine in which you take care of yourself. From this routine and the care we have in front of us, it keeps our balance, but more than that, it increases our energy. People are attracted to us because they are attracted to the light. It is important to treat this activity with the upmost respect and awareness.

We are therapists and light workers, which is a very beautiful and wonderful mission that God has left for us. In order to maintain this balance, it is important to analyze life. If you have toxic people, the light goes out and they will eat energy. The first thing you need to do is not analyze marketing, sites and ads, analyze life. Let’s analyze ourselves and our interior.

Let’s even be an example to people. This medical device is absolutely wonderful and has many solutions for us. Spirituality is important in a therapist’s life. In order to maintain our inner light, it is especially important to have a connection with the divinity. We need energy bracelets. It is much better to have protection from above. Let’s learn how to protect ourselves.

 To rise to another level, we must raise the vibration. You must do at least once a week therapy. It’s still relative. But if we do not treat people properly we will be charged with many negative energies or karma. I don’t think you want that. Our protection is very important.

One of the important details is how we work in the office. We respect the distance of 2 meters to help each other. During the scan the chakras open, the aura and they are contained in that energy. The device should be next to the patient and not you.

The patient should be on the right side to be energetic and protective of the king. It depends on your personal mission but each of us can help people. I do believe this magic device does light surgery. Whether you see it or not, this is what happens. It is important to work in a clean space, because it is much better for energy too.